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Why Us

Committed with local people and environment

Because we are committed with our local people; our employees are local people (office employees, tour guides, drivers, chefs, porters and horsemen) some of them from high mountain communities as our porters and horsemen, so they know better than any other person about their home. Our office employees, tour guides, drivers and chefs, all them are certified to work in their field. Our good treatment to them reflects in their happiness with wages over minimum requested by Peruvian law, Porter´s Law. Our excellent treatment to our staff is not reduced in the low season: wages are maintained, which is something highly appreciated by our staff.

Since 2014 we started our responsible projects with only one aim: A BETTER FUTURE for mountain kids living far away from cities and High Mountain, where our Peruvian government care doesn’t get

Nature is our home (like office), so we have to keep clean, that´s why, first we train all our staff in our environmental policy to cause a low impact in  natural protected areas where we operate our tours.

Since 2014 we are one of the few travel companies running yearly on Inca Trail Clean-Up and definitely our staff cleans up the messes others have left behind

Your safety is our first concern

Going to the Andes is not your traditional vacation. Some people who come to visit us have little no experience going up the mountains. We understand the large responsibility we have in ensuring that you are well taken care of every step of the way.

All our guides are re-trained and certified in First Aid. They work with doctor to learn how to help a client with different ailments and injuries including altitude sickness, etc. Every guide travels with a full tank of oxygen and a first aid kit.

It will be important to be very honest with your guide as soon as you are experiencing any discomfort. If you suffer from any medical conditions, please let your guide know during the briefing so he is prepared to give you extra attention, if needed.

In case you cannot complete the journey for any reason, you will be escorted by a member of the team until you reach a clinic or safely returned back to your hotel. For trekking people, your guide travels with radio and will be in touch with the office to make sure a car is waiting on the closest road. In some cases you will likely need to hike a portion or ride a horse to get you there as quickly as we can.

Also we kindly suggest you to take on appropriate travel insurance from your home.

Only need minimum of 2 travellers & small groups

All of our journeys require just a minimum of two travelers for departure. If we already have at least two travellers for your wanted day departure, you can choose virtually any date to start your journey. We are happy to place solo travelers in one of our existing groups, subject to availability.

Our small groups are average about 5 travellers per departure, and are typically a mix of solo travellers, friends travelling together, and couples, all of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Come prepared to make new best friends.

Our travellers report 98% of satisfaction

All our travellers reported 98% of satisfaction with their journey organized by Pureq Experiences. How do we pull that off?  Listening to you, through; trip reports and trip advisor as well. We work hard to improve our service every single day and focus what our slogan says “LIVE UNIQUE EXPERIENCES”

Healthy meals with fresh Peruvian ingredients

Since our travellers suggested us, we started taking with us fresh crops from farmers for fresh food. Now our menus include 90% fresh peruvian food approximately (0% artificial flavor and coloring) and 10% international food approximately.

Any diet restriction? We accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kosher or allergy diets. Your special needs will be taken care of by our chefs. Meals are prepared fresh on site carefully

Our guides are local people, carefully selected

Pureq Experiences choose the best guides for each group according their experience, knowledge, skill, certifications and passion. They are regularly evaluated by the service reports each guest fills in after each service. We have special guides for special requests (ornithology, history and archaeology, flora and fauna guides).

They are all from local villages and surrounding areas, who know their countries back to front, to show you the heart of the destination. Every single day, they express their passion and enthusiasm for sharing their world with our clients. Our tour guides are constantly being trained in first aid, archeology, history, flora and fauna to ensure their knowledge and especially “treatment with clients”. Because we are committed with your comfort

We pay all Peruvian taxes

Pureq Experiences is legal travel company recognized by Peruvian company so we have to pay legal taxes (19% IGV or consumption tax) on all services, contributing to the country’s growth and development. Further to this, we pay a 30% tax on all profit annually to Peruvian government. This means there is not possibility of lowering our prices as other travel companies do.

Also, all our employees have health insurance and are paid by Pureq Experiences

Accommodation reflects character of the journey

We select accommodations that reflect the character of the journey and quality. This means a handpicked downtown hotel one night, a unique homestay the next, camping under the stars the night after that, and lodge into the trees at the end. This will be according where you go and which quality you select with us

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